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Kimpok Technology has a very strong technical team and R&D capacity. we dedicated to developing the high level wireless mobile video surveillance system for application of Law enforcement and military, field forces, radar, R/C helicopter, security & protection, government departments, military, security systems, oil field, Vessel, large mines, factories and so on.

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COFDM Transmitter

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Kimpok Technology is a leading of High-tech global enterprise in developing and manufacturing. Company established in 1998 and located in Shenzhen China. Specializing in the provision of advance wireless microwave communication system to the broadcast, UAV, public surverillance and defense industries. By continuously investing in innovation and combining exceptional products and services, Kimpok offers superior solutions that enable our customers to do their jobs even more effectively.

Company News

Monitoring transmission: Comment on wireless mode

The monitoring system usually adopts different transmission methods according to different users, system scale, coverage area, signal transmission distance, information capacity and other requirements for system functions and quality indicators. Wireless way of monitoring transmission At present,...

Detailed knowledge of COFDM wireless video transmission equipment

COFDM is the most advanced technology in the field of wireless transmission. It is the abbreviation of Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing). Its biggest advantage is to support applications that break through the line of sight limitat...

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